Live Shortcuts: Press M –

Live Shortcuts: Press M –

Live Shortcuts:

Press M – switch to use you computer keyboard as a midi keyboard
Press B – to activate pencil to draw notes
Press F9 – to record
Press F11 – to maximize window
Press F1 to F8 – to turn on or off tracks
Press Z or X – to switch octaves
Press C or V – to change velocity

Hold Shift and press Spacebar – to play and continue where the track was stopped

Ctrl + F – to search for plugins, sounds etc.

Press Tab – to switch between session and arrangement view

Ctrl + Alt + R – to show/hide return tracks

Shift + Tab – to switch beween clip and effects view

Ctrl + Shitft + W – split windows

Q – hot swap instruments or samples

Ctrl + Alt + B – to show/hide the browser

To play a certain region in your clip view, you must click that region with a marker and hold Ctrl and press Spacebar..

To deactivate a clip, select it and press 0.

Just a few shortcuts that one should know..😊

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