Saturator- Best times to use

Saturator- Best times to use

Saturator- Best times to use it? My current understanding is it is used on a lot of things and soft clipping is tight. I might even be over using soft clipping to be honest. So I have a few questions so I hope you’ll be patient with me as I ask them earnestly!

1. Saturation/saturator is good for bus/groups such as drums, bass, and master bus.

2. What are your preferred settings when it comes to saturator on the master bus?
-Do you put it at the start of the chain or the end
-do you sometimes have two in the chain?
-is there such thing as too much soft clipping? And when do you know it’s that point?

3. Bonus question!!!!! What the hell does DC do on utility mono? Do I want it on or off most of the time? I don’t know why but I feel like it might sound better or some thing when DC is pushed but that is total total head canon. I’ve been looking for an answer to this for a while. Can someone weigh in? i’m wondering if it has something to do with DC direct current?

4. Saturator- do you engage the color section or whatever button gives you the option to essentially color the sound? Or do you just leave that off and apply some saturator and that’s that?

5. Saturator- how often do you have the wetness considerably down from 100%?

6. How much do you generally push it with saturator? How many decibels of added gain do you do?

7. What else is saturator really useful for? Could it be it’s own return track to get some grit on see a snare drum or something? I’m always interested in shaving a warm and fat mix. Who isnt?!

I’m sure I could come up with like 10 more questions but I’ll go easy on you guys. Thanks for any sort of response. I look forward to the various answers in opinions of all of you. Meantime I’ll be looking up what saturation is truly doing but I think these questions are a start to a cool discussion. Nice job everybody keep Knocking them out. Destroy internal resistance, and have a great night.

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